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The Acacia Market

Spingoo & Qübe Labs have signed for a joint development of The Acacia Market, an online store for custom merchandise oriented to customers of the Generous Giraffes Society NFT Collection and other Qübe Labs NFT projects. The store is custom designed to accept payments in the form of Acacias, the SPL Token created by Qübe Labs, as well as the Solana currency, Sol.

When paying for purchased goods, the customer can choose a Solana compatible wallet such as Phantom wallet.

The Generous Giraffes Society is an NFT collection on the Solana platform.

Qübe Labs provides entrepreneurs with a body of resources to help them break the barrier between innovation and execution. It operates as a collection of products and services focused within core emerging-tech fields: AI, Blockchain, NFT’s, Web3, and the Metaverse.

Spingoo is a provider of dynamic eCommerce partnerships, including the applications, solutions and services for successful eCommerce projects.

Visit Qübe Labs site.

Visit the Generous Giraffes Society site and the Instagram page.

Team - Hours

We operate and provide services based on team-hours

We use the team-hour method to charge for our services.  Each invoiced hour is the net result of the work done by the team participating in the development of the project, not the individual hours. Team-hours represent a more beneficial method to charge the customer, as each team-hour is comparable to 3-4 regular billable hours.

RATE: Our current rate for each team-hour is USD $75.00. Minimum 1 (one) team-hour charged in any project or service provided.

Contact us if you want to have more information about our development services and implementation rates.


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Spingoo | Customer Support
Spingoo | Customer Support
Spingoo | Customer Support

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