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Email Marketing integration

Email integrations add value to your email campaigns and marketing efforts, and in return, bring in more value to your business.

Email integrations are the perfect solution to sync your online store with your email marketing. You can directly add products to an email, personalize the email based on each contact’s individual needs, or create predefined lists for specific campaigns.

We can assist you with email campaigns using MailChimp, by integrating the workflow of your online store and the services provided. MailChimp is the #1 email marketing and automation brand that recommends ways to get more opens, clicks, and sales.

We also provide email integration with MailPoet, to take your WooCommerce email marketing to the next level.


We operate and provide services based on team-hours

We use the team-hour method to charge for our services.  Each invoiced hour is the net result of the work done by the team participating in the development of the project, not the individual hours. Team-hours represent a more beneficial method to charge the customer, as each team-hour is comparable to 3-5 regular billable hours.

RATE: Our current rate for each team-hour is USD $75.00. Minimum 1 (one) team-hour charged in any project or service provided.

Contact us if you want to have more information about our development services and implementation rates.

How can we help?

Now that we’ve told you about us, let’s talk about how we can help you! While our specialty may be creating custom WordPress / Woocommerce / Elementor / Breakdance websites, we offer a wide variety of other services. If you don’t see what you need in our list, let us know, we still may be able to help!
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