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Accept Solana payments on your online store

With our integration you can now accept Solana payments as a valid currency in your online store, including Spingoo Tienda.

With the SolPay module, it is now very easy to get paid with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can do this directly through cryptocurrency wallets.

What advantages does payments with SolPay provide for your online store?

As you know, virtual POS and many other payment methods deduct commissions from you. The only commission with SolPay is the “gas” fee that the Solana network charges. So the money will be transferred directly to your account. With the wallets supported by the module, you can receive payments in SOL, the native currency of the Solana network, or with SPL Tokens under the Solana network.

Apart from the above, here are the main advantages that SolPay provides for your online store:

  • No 3rd party service involved.
  • No withdrawal limit, fee, or date.
  • 1-2 business days and no-weekend nonsense for funds transferred.
  • The money is available in your account and for use on the same day of the transaction.


  • You can receive payments through the Solana network with crypto wallets supported by the module, including Phantom Wallet.
  • You can pay with native money of Solana network or with SPL tokens under the Solana network.
  • Ability to define discounts according to the symbols of currencies.
  • Getting paid with your own SPL tokens, even if they are newly released.
  • You can value your own private currencies against fiat currencies, which are not supported by Currency Converter, and get paid with your private tokens.
  • You can easily activate or deactivate the wallets and currencies you want to accept payments from.
  • The accuracy of the payments is checked through the explorer. It even confirms the payment process after checking the amount being sent.
  • Payment approvals are double-checked both on the front-end and the back-end. That is, even if the user turns off the computer during payment and leaves the process. If the payment transaction is completely correct, it will be updated as a completed payment.
  • You can easily add, remove or deactivate the tokens you want to receive payment from the admin panel.
  • If you are selling products without member registration, you can receive payment from your customers without having to register with the “Only logged in users can pay” feature.
  • You can choose what to update the product status to once the payment is complete.
  • Supports multi-languages.

We operate and provide services based on team-hours

We use the team-hour method to charge for our services.  Each invoiced hour is the net result of the work done by the team participating in the development of the project, not the individual hours. Team-hours represent a more beneficial method to charge the customer, as each team-hour is comparable to 3-5 regular billable hours.

RATE: Our current rate for each team-hour is USD $75.00. Minimum 1 (one) team-hour charged in any project or service provided.

Contact us if you want to have more information about our development services and implementation rates.

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